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Take a look through our existing In Their Name Funds to find the one you want to support.

The Adam Illingworth Fund
Alex McCarthy
Alfie's Fund
Alfie's Army Fund
The Angus Caton Fund
Collection of soft toys including a penguin, 2 monkeys and an owl
Team AJ
Arthur in a onesie, with an egg in his hand, standing next to a toy lawnmower, with a big smile on his face
The Arthur Rafferty Sach Fund
The Aurora Fund
Ava's Chain of Kindness Fund
Ava sat in a wheelchair with a pink checked blanket over her lap, wearing blue ear muffs. She is in front of a metal railing with a pond in the back ground
Ava's Stars
The Ben Jay Butterfly Fund
Bilbo smiling at the camera, wearing glasses and a blue top
Bilbo's Journey
Brookesbattle Dumfries
Caolán smiling at the camera
In Memory of Caolán McCrossan Fund
Charlotte drinking a cocktail
Charlotte Simpson Fund
Charlie in bed
The Charlie Ellacott Fund
In Memory of Chloe Dawe
Connor Todd Fund
The Connor Tompkins Fund
Cora Melanie Beecroft Fund
Daniel Gallacher Fund
Dylan playing
The Dylan-James Fund
Ellie-Mai Bradley Fund
Eoin Henry Fund
Fiony's Fund
For Primrose
Frey's Fund
Gazza Jenkins Fund
Team George
George's Army Fund
In Memory of George Stephenson
Gerard smiling at the camera
Gerard Logue Memorial Fund
Harry with his head shaved
Hazza's Fund
Team Hoskins
Indy in her Super Woman costume on a rocking horse type play ground equipment
Indy's Fund
Jack Faulkner's Fund
James sitting on a beach watching the sunset
In Memory of James Marlow
Joe Glew's Fund
Jordan Dawes Fund
Joshua Liddle's Fund
Larsen's Fund
The Leo Chatfield Fund
Live It For Calum
Lois's Fund
In Memory of Lola Geere
In Memory of Marcus
In Memory of Marcus Davis
Mila's Unicorn Fund
Neepy's Fund
Olivias dad on a bike, high fiving a supporter, wearing Young Lives vs Cancer branded cycle gear
Olivia's Fund
Black and white image of Oran smiling at the camera
Oran Boyd Forever Young 18
Our Jack's Fund with Young Lives vs Cancer logo
Our Jack's Fund for Funky Little Boys
Photo of Ozzie smiling at the camera
Ozzie Roger's Fund
Eloise smiling at the camera holding a glass of wine
Raves to Rituximab
Remus is standing by the water of the seas edge with his hands on his hips. He is wearing a dark navy t-shirt that has a rainbow on the front saying 'cancer picked the wrong kid'
On his right wrist he is wearing a blue watch. he is wearing black glasses and the wind is blowing his hair.
Remus's Fund
#TeamDaisy logo with Young Lives vs Cancer logo
Rory in bed arms above his head, smiling
Team Rory
TeamYoungLives North East
Ted's Fund
Ollie smiling at the camera holding toy giraffe
Thumbs Up for Ollie
Tim standing in doorwar in his bike gear, holding a bike helmet
The Tim James Fund
Timmi sitting on the floor
Timmi's Fund
Gary and George hugging