Calum smiling wearing a black shirt and maroon tie, against a purple and blue background. The slogan, 'Live it for Calum' is written underneath.

Live It For Calum fund

We have set up this page to help keep the sun shining for young people like Calum and their families who are facing their own battles and need the vital support that Young Lives vs Cancer provides.

Our Story

Calum was a talented young man who was so true to himself and unapologetic for it. His passion was music and art, he taught himself to play guitar and keyboard and loved to perform for people. His creativity shone through in everything he did from his artwork to his fashion sense. At 6ft 4ins he already stood out and with the tartan docs, bright coloured beanie hats and ever-changing hair colour, he always made a statement. He loved Yung Blud, Melanie Martinez, comic-con, and drag. He was quick-witted, loved a debate and had the ability to make us laugh for hours and hours. For one so young he did so much in life including fundraising and performing at concerts for a local charity close to his heart.

Kate and Calum

Calum showed bravery and courage from his first diagnosis right up until his last days with us, he fought with dignity and determination and strength and humour. He kept the nurses and doctors on their toes and had them in stitches with his patter and outlook on life, putting the world to rights from a Calum point of view. Every hurdle he faced he did it with a strength that defied his 16 years.

Calum was unique, brave and fabulously entertaining in everything that he did, if you knew him you were lucky and if you loved him you were the luckiest. At 16 years young, Calum taught us life has no limits when you are fearless and brave and accept yourself for who you are.  

We have a lifetime of memories to hold close and cherish. It’s heartbreaking to think about a world without Calum in it but it’s comforting to know that the sun shined brighter for so many people because he was in their life.

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