Neepy's Story

 Neepy, was first diagnosed with Ewing’s Sarcoma in May 2018, at the age of 23. Neepy sadly passed away on the 12th July 2020, at the age of 26, after hearing the news her cancer had returned after months of treatment. 

“Anyone that knew Neepy will tell you that she’s a very mentally strong and resilient and wonderful person. She was truly one special, amazing and unique soul. 

Neepy was my best friend, my soul mate too, my absolute everything. She was loved by many that met her and knew her, you were pulled in by her infectious smile and her cheeky personality. She was always thinking of everyone before herself and never letting cancer define her. She would reach out and hold my hands and say mum are you okay and say that everything will be okay. Neepy had an amazing life, and fantastic friends and an wonderful family that loved her and continue to love her. 

We miss her and I long for her touch and her beautiful words she would say, to just hear her say mum one more time”  Ramesh, Brar - Neepy's Mum

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