Fiony dressed as a nurse, sat at a table, using a toy stethoscope to listen to heart of a doll

Fiony's Fund

Fiony was diagnosed with Wilm's tumour aged 2. Young Lives vs Cancer have supported us throughout our journey to date. Support us by donating to this brilliant charity. 

Our Story

Fiony was unexpectedly diagnosed with Wilm's tumour (kidney cancer) in November 2021, aged 2. The first week was a total whirlwind whilst we tried to process what was happening to Fiony, what our new roles as carers would involve and how this would fit with everyday life and the birth of our second child.

We were introduced to our social worker (Sue) from Young Lives vs Cancer shortly after diagnosis. She is so much of an integral part of the amazing team at the RVI, that you would be forgiven for forgetting that she can only be there because of the generosity of others. Sue took away a huge amount of stress by explaining the help we are entitled to, providing a letter for our employers and generally helping us to assemble a plan for how we could deal with everything treatment throws at us. This was particularly relevant since Leigh was 24 weeks pregnant at the time of diagnosis and we knew Fiony's treatment would continue well past the baby's due date. She has continued to support us throughout our journey and is a brilliant asset to the outstanding team of people who are helping us every week to fight the cancer and let our little girl get back to a normal life. 

We would be very grateful if you could support us by donating to this fantastic charity. 

Peter & Leigh

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