George's Story

George went through so much in his life.

At just 18 months old he became very poorly. A virus attacked his heart and he had to be admitted and placed on the Berlin heart, for 6 months in Great Ormond Street Hospital, until a donor heart became available. Unfortunately this heart transplant only lasted for a short time and George ended up having a second transplant 5 years ago.

Early 2022, George was enjoying year 10 at school and looking forward to his GCSEs. He was a well liked, happy, funny, kind and friendly young man. Along with his Mum and Dad, Jo and James, and sisters Ellie and Kacey, they had just welcomed their new and enthusiastic puppy Maple. Everything was going absolutely brilliantly since Georges last transplant, until George suddenly started to feel poorly & lethargic. His mum knew something was not right and arranged for him to be seen at Great Ormond Street within a few days. Tests found fluid in his chest, around his lungs, plus lumps on his liver. His kidneys were also not functioning properly. George had a range of scans and with nothing conclusive, the doctors decided they needed a biopsy.

Unfortunately the biopsy test results diagnosed a rare post-transplant lymphoproliferative disorder (PTLD) which is associated with transplants and being immunosuppressed.

George sadly passed away on 9th August 2022 aged 15 and is greatly missed by all who knew and loved him.

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