Ben's story

"Ben loved football from the age of 4. Football became his world, from playing on pitch, to becoming a goal keeper that he enjoyed so much. Through Ben’s love for football he met the most amazing friends a young boy could have, friends that would have his back out on the pitch. Ben’s love of football gave him the confidence to join the football team at school and again the friends that were made along the way were truly amazing.

Ben was such an amazing kind hearted boy that always put others first and believed that everyone deserved a chance in life, a beautiful soul.

When Ben became unwell it affected everything that Ben loved to do in life, especially his football.

On the 2nd July 2021 I rushed Ben into hospital he was losing weight quickly and generally feeling unwell.

On the 5th July Ben was scanned and we were told Ben had a tumour on his liver, after biopsies we were then told Ben had a rare cancer called Hepatocellular carcinoma, a cancer that effects two teenagers a year in the UK and up till now there is no cure, but yet I believed my child was going to make it, Ben will be that miracle child.

Sadly Ben lost his fight 4th February 2022, 7 months later but our special boy smiled through it all with letting us all know there is still hope.

Ben had the most amazing 7 months anyone could wish for with Charlton Football club, players, managers and fans made him feel he was the most important person on this earth, and his football team gave him the most amazing finale football match and party 5 days before his passed. As Ben put it, ‘quality mum’ 

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