Gerard Logue Memorial Fund

Paddy and Theresa Logue from Derry were devastated when their son Gerard passed away in 2004, the day before his 19th birthday. Gerard was diagnosed with a rare cancer of the muscles when he was 17, and after 16 months of treatment he sadly passed away. Mum Theresa said: “Not a day goes by without us thinking of him.” 

Paddy said: “We are so very grateful for the help we received from Young Lives vs Cancer, the support to Gerard and the whole family was fantastic. You don’t realise you need that much support when your child is diagnosed with cancer. Families get even more support now with the addition of the charity’s Homes from Home and free accommodation provided close to the hospital. It is a hidden gem that needs awareness.” 

In 2019 the family were supported by the charity again when Theresa and Paddy’s granddaughter Bella aged six went through cancer treatment too. Paddy said: “Bella had a hard time with the treatment but it was great to have Paul’s House – a slipper walk away from the The Royal Victoria Hospital for Sick Children to stay at whilst she received her treatment. It would have been a 160-mile round trip otherwise or a costly stay at a hotel. She is doing great now, she loves Gaelic football and is a bundle of energy.

 “Young Lives vs Cancer relies on donations and it has been so good as a family to be able to fundraise annually. Each year the support has grown, we now have sons and daughters of people that first took part. Moran’s Bar – Molly’s Bar hosts the event each year after the annual walk.

We are forever grateful to the charity.

The Logue Family xo

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