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Hatfields Motley Crew - Lois’ Fund

"We are a group of 12 people who are friends and family of Lois. You have an age range of 21-54 within us and everyone has very mixed abilities. We all bring something different to the team. It is always fun and a laugh with us."

Our Story

We came together because one of our members Lois was diagnosed with Stage 4 Neuroblastoma in 2018. Since then there have been lots of different challenges both individually and together raising money for Young Lives Vs Cancer.

Lois says.

I was only 19 when diagnosed and I will never stop saying how much Young Lives vs Cancer has helped me over the years. Young Lives vs Cancer helped me by providing a social worker. I was so fortunate to have Sarah as my social worker who was a godsend. As my social worker, Sarah checked in on me, made me cups of tea, helped me sort admin, booked Pauls house (another amazing thing the charity fund), have a chat, go between me and my consultant and much much more. These things may seem simple but for someone to bring you an ice lolly when you cant leave your hospital bed to help relieve side effects from chemotherapy is amazing. Basically a specialist personal assistant. Superhero.

Young Lives vs Cancer takes a massive strain off being Ill. It is tough. But simple things they do make it that little bit more bearable. I am here today, I may not have been in such a good position now without the support I received. I hope that we can continue to raise funds for Young Lives vs Cancer so that it is available to anyone that needs it.

We hope to attract new people to future challenges and to continue to expand our team and raise vital funds for Young Lives vs Cancer.

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