Connor's Journey

In 2016 the words I never thought I’d hear about my child we’re spoken to me.

Connor has three brain tumours! I was doing my absolute best to try and process what the doctor was saying. All of our lives were turned upside down in those few words.

And so it began, so much information said to you and process, it was great as we had our own oncologist nurse who spent so much time explaining and reassuring us nothing was ever too much. It was her that told us that whilst Connor was in hospital she had organised for us to stay in a place called CLIC House.

What a fantastic place this was. It sounds like a cliché but everyone in that house became a family, all going through the most horrendous time in their lives yet the house bought normality. We stayed in CLIC House for 2 1/2 months and I still look at it our second home.

Connor had treatment which I know was very hard for him and had a huge impact even months after but he didn’t really bat an eyelid about it. He just knew that it had to be done it was all part of getting him well again.

We came away from this experience with a desire to raise as much money as possible for this remarkable charity for the families that had been before us, the families that were going through it now and the families of the future. Our journey would have been considerably so much harder with this fantastic charity.

Connor is now 19, taller than his brother much to Jack’s disgust and we are pleased to say thriving!

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