Olivia's Fund

"Raising money for Young Lives vs Cancer, as they supported our daughter ‘Olivia’ through her cancer journey.

Our Story

Mid January 2020, our world was turned upside down when my 7 Year old daughter Olivia went into hospital for a routine appendix removal, shortly after my wife and myself were given the news that the appendix was fine and that she has Burkitts lymphoma a large mass which was growing fast in her stomach. After being transferred to Addenbrooke’s for full diagnosis and then being told the news our lives would change forever, 6 months of chemotherapy on then Olivia got to ring the bell to signal the end of treatment ... but seeing not just Olivia but other children on this ward has opened my eyes to this horrible disease and I feel I need to give something back!  Young Lives vs Cancer were there for the whole family and helped by having someone there to talk to when things got tough.

I am always up for a challenge! I have recently supported Young Lives vs Cancer in several challenges, including the Paul’s house to Paris ride and the London to Brighton cycle event. I am always looking for people to join the team and have fun along the way.

Thank you

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