Alfie knelling next to a patch of garden, with a spade in hand, bucket next to him  and a fern in the ground

Alfie's Army Fund

This fund has been set up in support of Alfie Bills, to raise money for Young Lives vs Cancer, who provided huge support to the Bill's family during Alfie's treatment.

Our Story

"On May 1st 2019 our beautiful little boy, Alfie, was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia at just 3 years of age.

Around 4 months before Alfie was diagnosed, he suffered from repeat infections, bruised very easily, lost his appetite, looked pale and had severe joint/muscle pain. The defining moment was when we noticed small dark circles on his skin that did not disappear with the glass test. We were blue lighted to our local hospital for suspected meningitis. However, a blood test confirmed that Alfie had advanced leukeamia and needed an emergency blood and platelet transfusion. 

Alfie then spent 6 weeks as an in-patient at The Royal Marsden hospital under the highest intensity regime of chemotherapy.

The first year of treatment was very difficult. We spent a lot of time going in and out of hospital. Hospitals and isolation soon became a way of life for Alfie. Constantly putting on a brave face despite being in pain and longing to be playing with his friends. 

Alfie is currently in his third and final year of maintenance chemotherapy to reduce the risk of the cancer returning. Our journey is not yet over.

From day one, Young Lives vs Cancer were a pillar of strength and support for us as a family. We cannot thank them enough for playing a part in saving Alfie's life. It is vital we continue to raise awareness and funds for thousands of other families dealing with the life changing news that their child has cancer." - Jennifer Bills, Alfie's mum

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