Tim standing in door way with his cycle gear

The Tim James Fund

“The fund gives us a focus to honour and remember our son Tim who was special not only to us and the family but to friends and the cycling community.

We want to be able to see all the wonderful fundraising events for Young Lives v Cancer that has been done in memory of Tim and support an amazing charity who help families and young people at distressing times”

Following months of blood tests an MRI scan in July 2020 showed Tim to have a large cancerous tumour on his adrenal gland that had metastasised to the lungs. Following the removal of the adrenal gland, a biopsy showed Tim to have an unclassified sarcoma known as an EWSR1 Crem Fusion. This is a ‘rarer than rare’ cancer with only a handful of recorded cases in the world.

 Tim had several rounds of unsuccessful chemotherapy and in March 2021 he was told the most unthinkable.  There was to be no further treatment and his life was limited to days or weeks.

 On May 14th 2021 our beautiful son and brother to Georgie, Tim aged 23 died. A life full of so much promise cut tragically short.

Close up of Tims face whilst he is riding his bike

Our Story

Tim known as ‘Timmy’ to his friends had spent 2019 cycling for the Zappi Racing team in Spain and Italy. During that time, he raced some of the top under 23 races in the World including the Baby Giro Ciclistico. Tim achieved the best results of his career having started cycling at the age of 10 and was looking forward to riding for the UCI British Continental Team Swift Carbon Pro-cycling team in 2020.

From late summer Tim felt tired when out cycling and knew something wasn’t right. Following months of blood tests that showed Tim to be anaemic, followed by inflammatory levels rising, an MRI scan in July 2020 found that Tim had a very large cancerous tumour on his adrenal gland that had already metastasised to the lungs. In that moment our lives changed forever. The tumour was described as something they had never seen before and it was only after Tim had his adrenal gland removed, a further biopsy showed Tim to have an unclassified and aggressive sarcoma known as an EWSRI Crem Fusion. This was ‘rarer than rare’ with only a handful of recorded cases in the world.

Tim underwent several rounds of unsuccessful chemotherapy and despite being accepted for immunotherapy treatment the unthinkable happened in early March 2021. Tim was told there would be no further treatment. To hear your child, ask how long they had to live, words cannot describe this moment. Tim was so brave, he never complained and was more worried about us. In those following minutes in the doorway of the oncology unit, Tim told me we had to travel and do all the things we had wanted to do and look after Georgie.

Tim was not one to chat about his feelings, but he spoke regularly with Sophie from Young Lives vs Cancer who gave guidance and support.  Tim was grateful to receive an ipad from a charity at Christmas. One of the last things that put a smile on Tim’s face was a video from the Chelsea and England footballer Mason Mount, organised by Sophie.

A week before Tim died he told us he had been happy this past year. “I have had you guys looking after me, had my football and sport to watch on TV and do my lego”. Words that describe what a brave and selfless person he was.

On May 14th 2021 our beautiful son Tim and brother to Georgie died in the comfort of our home.

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Kevin & Ben busking for Tim