Our Story

In July 2023, we visited the doctor because Indy was pale, bruising easily, and had an unexpected nosebleed. She was referred to the paediatric unit at Crosshouse who confirmed our worst fears, and she was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia (ALL).  Indy was transferred by emergency ambulance that evening to the Royal Hospital for Children in Glasgow where she spent 7 weeks receiving intensive treatment and has been undergoing intense chemotherapy ever since.

Indy's responding really well to the treatment and is currently in remission, but we have a long 2 years of treatment ahead of us to make sure she stays cancer-free.

To date, Indy's spent 70 nights in hospital including two stints of emergency care following a spike in temperature and has had:

  • Over 100 doses of chemotherapy, delivered orally, via injection, through her central line, or into her spine
  • 3 bone marrow aspirates, where they've taken samples of her bone marrow from her hip
  • 8 general anaesthetics for things like lumbar punctures and to insert PICC lines into her arm or central line into her chest
  • 5 blood transfusions
  • Countless finger pricks and bloodwork taken
  • 5 weeks of steroids
  • Lost her hair due to the side effects of chemo

Indy's an amazing little girl who has taken all of this in her stride and we're unbelievably proud of her. 

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