Wildrunners Fund

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Our Story

The Wildrunners is a community group of athletes who have a passion for obstacle course racing, trail running and fitness along with a passion for helping other people especially children and young adults with cancer via the charity Young Lives vs Cancer.


The wildrunners was set up mid 2020 whilst we were in lockdown during the coronavirus pandemic. It was originally set up by Dan and Sven and then Colin came on board too. It was initially set up to help fellow runners stay accountable and spread positivity about. Co-founder of the wildrunners Dan has supported this charity since 2009 when he sadly lost his fiancée to cancer at the young age of 24. He saw firsthand what an amazing job everyone at the charity does and he has had a passion for fundraising ever since.


The wildrunners have held a few virtual events over the past 18 months to help raise money for the charity and we have been blown away by the support and generosity of some people in the world. The latest event was a virtual monthly event to support Dans fundraising where he became a double Guinness World Holder for completing an obstacle race on the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro. The goal is to eventually have some proper events organised, but we are currently waiting for more “normal” times ahead.


Feel free to come and join our amazingly positive community for all abilities of runners and Keep an eye on our socials Instagram - @wildrunners_ig and facebook – @wildrunners for any future events

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